La diga nel deserto / Il faraone dimenticato / Labirinto infernale

MN 185, 186, 187
October, 1990



Garrison, an archaeologist Mister No met in South America, hires him to save his daughter, who is being kept in confinement by a lovesick Arab, but in actual fact Garrison wants to bombard a dam in the Sudan from the plane! Although Garrison eventually decides not to carry out this plan, once they have landed he and Jerry are seized by mysterious men. And the archaeologist is tortured to death! 

The fanatical sect of El Azif, that wants to unite the all Arab peoples by bringing them back into the fold of the “ancient religion”, is searching for a long-lost object. An object that the expedition headed by Linda Garrison, Professor Garrison’s daughter, is perhaps about to bring to light…

Mister No sets off into the intricate maze dedicated to the pharaoh Ekhnaton. Through mysterious doors, monstrous images flood his mind, and, after passing through various initiation ordeals, he meets a centuries-old being …

Mister No discovers Egyptian secret which will be continued in Martin Mystere 104-106