Un uomo chiamato Mhosis / Tragico Natale / L'Arca ritrovata

MM 104, 105, 106
November, 1990



A series of murders conducts Martin Mystère towards the treasure of Moses, part of which is said to include the Ark of the Covenant. This sensational archaeological discovery is now thought to be in the hands of a group of terrorists, who intend to sell it to finance their activities. The search has taken Martin Mystère to Jerusalem, where, however, the situation seems far too critical even for the Detective of the Impossible …

The search in Israel for the treasure of Moses and the Ark of the Covenant finishes dramatically and unsuccessfully for Martin, Diana and Java, on Christmas Day itself. Back in the United States, Mystère forgets about the events until a note found casually in an old book reawakens his hopes. Now that he possesses what might be a genuine treasure map, he must return to the Middle East…

The tomb of Moses and his treasure hide an incredible discovery, which reveals unexpected links between the Old Testament stories and the legend of the Holy Graal. 

Martin Mystere explores Egyptian secret discovered by Mister No in MN 185-187.