La citta' dei cinque anelli / UFO 1896

MM 196, 197
July, 1998



A book whose existence was unknown, which tells the story of the lost continent of Atlantis, is anonymously sent to Martin, who doesn’t believe that it is simply an invented story: rather, he becomes convinced that it’s an account written by someone who knows the truth about the Earth’s mysterious past. The Detective of the Impossible throws himself into the search for the second volume, in which the conclusion to the mysterious story should be contained.

Martin Mystère is on a search for the second part of the book that tells of the Atlantis and Mu. This investigation leads him to make an enquiry into the author of the work, the journalist Rudolph Preskett, on what links the latter had with the Men in Black, and in what way he was involved in the “airship” incident, a veritable UFO that was repeatedly sighted in 1896. 

Agents of "Elsewhere" are remembering events where Zagor helped them against crazy prof.Hellingen couple of years ago (see ZG 376, 377, 378, 379)