Ombre su darkwood / Agente speciale / Hellingen e' vivo / Duello nello spazio

ZG 376, 377, 378, 379
November, 1996



A gigantic spaceship that wanders in a space that is not our space. An evil being, Wendigo, who wants to bring the Spirit with the Hatchet’s greatest enemy back to life, combining science and magic. Trappers and Indians that are transformed into centaurs and into flying men… The Spirit with the Hatchet’s return to Darkwood is dramatic and upsetting!

Philadelphia. Here operates the Man of the Crowd, a mysterious serial killer, discovered by an equally mysterious character. And here rise the general headquarters of “Elsewhere”, a government organization founded by Thomas Jefferson, which attends to strange and mysterious events. Among its agents is the writer Edgar Allan Poe, he who has discovered the Man of the Crowd. And who now goes to Darkwood: he is the only one able to help Zagor against an old enemy that is about to come back to life...

A black castle has arisen suddenly on a slope of Mount Naatani. It is there that professor Hellingen has installed himself! The Spirit with the Hatchet’s greatest enemy, brought back to life by Wendigo, has an army of frightful demons at his service and has kidnapped Zagor’s friends to subject them to terrible tortures! His moment of triumph draws near!

Zagor, Chico, Poe, Doc, Rochas, Heyoka, the contrary Indian, and Liya, the storyteller, are at Hellingen’s mercy! The mad scientist wants to use the atomic guns of the Akkronian mother spaceship against New York: thus, given his power, the entire world will have to submit to him! But Liya suggests an unusual move to Poe, which changes the entire game…

In this episode for the first time Zagor mets Edgar Allan Poe an agent of base “Elsewhere”. This base is commonly seen in Martin Mystere episodes.