La zona proibita / Oumini ombra

NN 7, 8
December, 1991



Kal Skotos kidnaps some passengers on A shuttle –Doctor Alan Byrne and the young June – and takes them to Hell’s Island, an island to which access is forbidden because of a dangerous virus which all the inhabitants have caught, turning them into monstrous mutants. Nathan Never’s job is to free the two prisoners and bring them back within twenty-four hours, before being infected himself. The Alfa agent manages to free Byrne and June thanks to the confusion created among Skotos’ men by a mysterious group of armed men…

Nathan Never manages to escape from the men of the Fratellanza Ombra [the Shadow Brotherhood] helped by a group of ‘men-children’ led by Bill and Sony. But to escape from Skotos’ thugs and the mysterious Men of the Shadows and so rescue Byrne and June (who is starting to feel faint) Nathan has to tackle the terrifying Big Sam…

We see that in future there still exists Jerry Drake airline, which became Drake spaceways, and is directed by the great-grandson of Mister No. Mr. Drake ( which is equal to Jerome and uses his own jokes) knows Nathan and tells him the story of his ancestor. The airline has one of the sweatshirt as a symbol of Mister No.