Conquistadores / Le sette citta' di cibola / Il segreto degli anasazi

ZG 355, 356, 357
February, 1995



Zagor and Chico wander under the desert’s blinding sun. They are helped by the Hopi Indians and meet the shaman Masewi and his daughter, the beautiful Shumavi. Masewi speaks to them about Pahana, the white brother of the Hopis, he who showed the Anasazi (the ancestors of the Hopis) the way to peace to. And he tells of the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola, which are a temptation to some ruthless white men…

Zagor and Chico are on the tracks of don Emiliano Sombra and don Diego de Coronado who, having allied themselves with Nakai’s Navajos, kidnap Shumavi to force Masewi to take them to the legendary Cities of Cibola. But the trip to the Seven Cities is arduous and difficult and terrible guardians protect them!

The city of golden roofs! The last one, the most important of the Seven Cities! The criminals have finally arrived there. But their Navajo ally, Nakai, has fallen in love with the beautiful Shumavi and is about to go over to Zagor’s side. It is the sophisticated technology of the Anasazi itself that punishes don Emiliano and don Diego’s greed… 

Zagor and co. find the Seven Cities of Cibola, which is a joint Mu-Atlantantidian laboratory. There is talk about Timeless War and during the expedition, a robot is destroyed similar to that of Mu which appeared in MM 24-25 "Viaggio nel futuro"

At the end of the story Zagor is told about Navajos prediction that in the future they will have a "a big white chief" that shall lead them and protect the Navajo Nation from evil. Who else might it be but Eagle of the Night (Tex Willer)?