La regina della citta morta / L' impero di songhay

ZG 423, 424
October, 2000



Who is the Queen of the mythical city buried in the jungle? Under whose command are the zombie warriors who have captured Zagor? An old acquaintance of the Spirit with the Hatchet returns more powerful and insidious than ever, to the point that she makes Zagor, who has lost his memory, believe that he is the reincarnation of the semigod Damballah, persuading him to capture his friends Chico and Digging Bill...

An obscure empire of mysterious magicians, zombies and ruined palaces, where Marie Laveau, the beautiful voodoo witch who is allied with the necromancer Vendhys, wabts to summon up frightening demons. This is the scene in which, during their search for Jaques Lassalle, Chico, Denise and Digging Bill paly their match against deadly forces... Yeh', because the most dangerous among their enemies is actually Zagor himself, who is distraught on account of the two personalities which inhabit his body: that of the Executioner of Darkwood and that of the semigod Damballah!

Using the evil Atlantis forces (seen in ZG 420-422) Zagor opponents wake up the Great Worm, which is similar to Marduk we have seen in MM 126-127.