Il terrore dal mare / Cacciatore di streghe / Kraken

ZG 386, 387, 388
September, 1997



Kush: a forgotten kingdom in the heart of blackest Africa. Here some necromancers are about to conjure a dark god, sacrificing the beautiful princess Tuareg Marada to him. Andrew Cain, a fanatic killer of monsters, thwarts the sacrifice, but the dark god is now free in the world! And he will arrive at Port Whale, at Fishleg’s!

Port Whale is a nightmarish city, ghostly and semi-abandoned. Almost all of its inhabitants have been transformed into monstrous beings thanks to Baron Wolfingham, who worships Dagon, the dark god, also known as Maître Carrefour! Zagor, having allied himself with Cain, fights against Dagon’s followers, but it seems to be a hopeless battle: by now Dagon is the lord of Port Whale!

The Sargasso Sea is a cursed place, full of wrecked ships. Here, on an island, is the secret den of Baron Wolfingham (who has killed the woman loved by Cain), where Virginia, Fishleg’s (whose ship has been sequestrated by the baron) niece is; the terrible Dagon resides here!

For the second time Zagor teamups with agents of organization "Elsewhere", commonly found in Martin Mystere adventures.