Il ritorno del mutante / Scorta militare / Trappola di fuoco / L’uomo dai due cervelli 

ZG 496, 497, 498, 499
November, 2006



Colin Randall, aka “Skull”, has been closed up for years in Hellgate jail. During his term behind bars, the criminal has been subjected to scientific experiments under the control of professor Blaine, who has studied his incredible powers and realized that over time they’ve increased in potency. When the Secret Services decide to exploit Skull for their own ends, the task of escorting him falls to Zagor…

The Spirit with the Hatchet has joined the military patrol in charge of escorting Colin Randall all the way to Washington. The mutant appears to be willing to collaborate, weary as he is with the lengthy jail term in Hellgate prison and attracted by the benefits he can get by turning State's Evidence. But during the journey, mystified by the repeated occurrence of inexplicable accidents, Zagor begins to wonder whether "Skull" has really become as reliable as professor Blaine, the scientist who's been studying him over the past few years, seems to think…

The soldiers escorting to Washington Colin “Skull” Randall, a criminal endowed with uncanny mental abilities, are attacked by the Indians. Zagor, abducted by a Native American tribe, manages to escape and rides through the night to save the soldiers and his three friends, Cico, Sophie and professor Blaine. But Zagor’s main goal is to stop “Skull” from unleashing his powers!

Thanks to the Indian attack to the column escorting him, mutant Colin Randall managed to escape! Wounded by a firearm, he has to stop at a farm where he takes all the inhabitants under his mental control, using his uncanny powers. Zagor needs to try everything to subdue him...

In this episodes Zagor again works with agents from organisation “Elsewhere”, which is often seen in Martin Mystere episodes.