Il mistero dell unicorno / Groenlandia / Le armi fatali

ZG 392, 393, 394
March, 1998



In the autumn of 1861, an old disease causes the death of the entire crew of a ship. A few years later, in Boston, Zagor and Chico run into a likeable boy who loves to pick people’s pockets and a mysterious character with an artificial hand. And they discover that there is a saboteur on board the “Dragoon”, the boat belonging to their friend Honest Joe!

Honest Joe’s “Dragoon” is headed for Greenland! The wreckage of a seventeenth century sailing-ship, the “Unicorn”, is found there, in whose hold lethal weapons coming from a legendary lost continent are kept. This is what Professor Van Dicke, who hopes to reach the “Unicorn” before his colleague Weiss (who has an agreement with a foreign power) tells Zagor on board the “Dragoon”!

A desperate trip in a hot air balloon amid the icebergs of Greenland, the discovery of another spy ... None of this holds back Zagor, Professor Weiss and Honest Joe, who manage to find the “Unicorn”, set amid the icebergs. There they find Weiss and his men, and also the “eggs” that carry death: weapons coming from the legendary continent of Mu! 

In this episode we have two references with Martin Mystere. First is official continuity with introduction of Atlantis & Mu to Zagor universe, second is Van Dicke & Weiss which have many similarities with Martin Mystere & Orloff.