Quien sabe, hombre?

TX rb7

Teamup of:

November, 2011



In a full moon night, in the desert of Arizona, Tex receives refreshment and companionship from an old minstrel vagabond Jim Guitar. A minstrel well known to readers of Zagor.

The episode can be defined as "historic". In fact, until now there had been no contact between the world of Tex and Zagor.

Although the timing of the adventures of Tex and Zagor is left deliberately vague, it is fairly well established that the first place in the decade 1840-1850, while the latter in the 1880s about 30-35 years so divide the two narrative universes, which suggests that the Guitar Jim met by Tex is close to seventy. Wonder then that, despite the wrinkles, the minstrel-adventurer boastful yet his thick blond hair in all its glory.