Tempo di uccidere / Il segreto del Morisco / Gli uomini giaguaro / Il dio azteco / Il villaggio dei dannati / Sacrificio umano

TX 387, 388, 389, 390, 391, 392
January, 1993



Tex goes to El Morisco to join His son, Kit, and his Navajo friend, Kinlay, but in a hostile Pilares, the ranger discovers That the mysterious Jaguar Men have attacked and burned the scholar's house, killing the Indian. The "brujo", Eusebius and Little Hawk have vanished!

During the night, among the ruins of El Morisco's house, destroyed by mysterious beings, Tex meets Eusebio, the scholar's assistant. El Morisco, sheltered in a grotto, the ranger tells about the Jaguar Men's attack, led by a fanatic disguised as Tezcalipoca, a sinister Aztec divinity! The madman had taken a precious pre-Colombian codex from the "brujo" and kidnapped Kit Willer. Since part of the manuscript is kept in the San Diego Mission, Tex and El Morisco depart to anticipate the murderers' moves, discovering That they have slaughtered a military outpost on Their Way.

Intercepted by the Mexican soldiers furious Because of the bloodbaths, Tex and El Morisco are jailed in Casas Grandes. When they Manage to escape, here comes Montales to get them out of trouble! One of Tezcalipoca's Jaguar Men, captured During the attack on the city's barracks, has gotten free: at the end of a bloody clash, the monster is killed and the feline spots That covered him disappear as if by magic! Tex and El Morisco decides to go the San Diego mission to find the missing part of the Aztec codex taken from Tezcalipoca, before the human beasts get there!

The San Diego mission-guarded by the moody Father Xavier - hides the proof of ancient technologies and alien landings. And while El Morisco studies the part of the Aztec codex That Has Been found, the Jaguar men attack! When the clashes are over, one of Montales' soldiers Recognizes one of His cousins ​​from Valle de Rosario in the body of one of the monsters. Thus our heroes follow the new trail, after having Witnessed the folly of Father Xavier, who blows up the mission with all of His secrets! Having arrived at Their destination, Tex and the others find an ally in Antonio Herrera, owner of the surrounding mines.

In Valle de Rosario, a guest of the Herrera brothers, El Morisco is attacked by Tezcalipoca and by the Jaguar Men who want to take the missing part of the pre-Colombian codex from him. A heavy climate of silence hangs over the town and a church, in cui the youngest members of the pueblo disappear in flocks, hides an underground passage to the Aztec temple. Here, where the vapors of a poisonous well transform whoever Plunges into it into human beasts, the fanatic Tezcalipoca harangues to terrified crowd of campesinos, promising the rebirth of the ancient gods, Whose favor is to be Gained by sacrificing Kit Willer!

Montales save Tex and Kit Willer PRECISELY When Tezcalipoca's knife is about to sink into His chest!Having overcome the barricade of Jaguar Men, our heroes join up with Antonio Herrera, while El Morisco, in the rich Mexican brothers' villa, discovers the enemy's true face! The objective of Tezcalipoca and of His brutal and fanatic followers was to have the oldest soul Of Those lands arise again, in a new Aztec nation, armed with a powerful explosive Noted Whose secret was in the pre-Colombian codex. Dreams of glory soon destined to shatter.

In the basement of San Diego mission there are skulls of non-human origin, a statuette representing a sort of shuttle, a beam weapon quite identical to Martin Mystere murchanda , and other, in addition to an example of the claws of men jaguar protagonists of the story.