Lo sceriffo indiano / La preda umana

TX 581, 582
March, 2009



Son of an Indian woman and a trapper, Jerry Norton managed to gain respect and trust from the people of Greystroke, the town which he became sheriff of. When he's accused of the ruthless murder of Rita Kent, the fiancee of Rick Rowen, son of one of the town's big shots, Norton is forced to run away to save his own life. Tex can't believe his old friend Jerry to be guilty of such a crime, and follows his tracks to try and establish the truth, handing the real criminal over to justice!

The ruthless manhunt for Jerry Norton is still on. But Tex is sure that his friend – a half-Indian sheriff – can't be the culprit of the cruel murder he's accused of. That's why the Ranger needs to find him first, to prove his friend's innocence and save him from the people who hunt him for the reward on his head. It will be a long journey, with the backdrop of a wild and merciless environment, and one that will end in a shower of bullets!

In one scene we see Ken Parker sitting behind Tex Willer in a bar.