Il rapimento

NR 19
December, 1989



Sammy Cicca is always looking for that perfect big job to set him up for life. This time he steals a luxury automobile, which would certainly bring him a tidy sum on the black market, if it weren’t for the fact that there’s a baby on the back seat, whom the scoundrel had failed to notice. What should he do with the child he’s inadvertently kidnapped? Sammy takes the baby home and decides to hand him over to Nick Raider, the only cop for whom he has any regard. Meanwhile, however, the child’s wealthy father has an appeal broadcast on television, with the result that some petty criminals, who happen to be Cicca’s next-door neighbors, decided to kidnap the baby for real from the hands of Sammy’s wife. Nick has a hard time securing a happy ending for this dramatic episode!

We clearly see the Martin Mystère and Dylan Dog, while Mister No
and Zagor (with his eagle shirt, although on the back) we see from their backs.