Uno spettro nel computer / Discesa agli inferi

NN 61, 62
June, 1996



During a simulated exercise using virtual reality, Captain Hashimoto sees Reiko Sanada’s ghost. After doing some tests he finds out that part of Reiko’s brain is connected to the computer of the organization led by Minako and Fujiwara and is sending a request for help. Five brave individuals are sent into cyberspace to save her – as well as Nathan Never and Hashimoto, they include Tochito Tanaka, Yuki Minowa (with whom Tochiro is in love) and Okuno Igarashi. What awaits them?

Nathan and his companions find themselves, in cyber-space, inside Reiko’s mind in a setting which recalls the medieval Japan. Led by the bonze Sao Uchi, the five discover that Reiko is in the city of Dewan. To find her, however, they must beat the killer-programs sent by the Lords of Atlantis – these programs, in the form of dreadful skeleton dragons, have the mission of killing Reiko…

While entering inside cyber-space, Nathan sees dead Zagor in parallel world from ZG 275-280.

Lords of Atlantis, are commonly seen in Martin Mystere adventures. In fact this is a prequel to Nathan-Martin teamup NN 64-65