Sfida negli abissi

NN 60
May, 1996



A group of eco-terrorists, led by the telepathic Miriam and equipped with advanced generation technology stored on their secret base, plans to blow up a Marine Plant floating rig. The Agenzia Alfa’s task is to foil the plot and Andy Havilland joins the terrorists as an undercover agent. When Andy is found out and captures, the terrorists suggest an exchange of prisoners. But what is the relationship between Miriam and the mysterious masked Lamagg?

This is the first episode of Atlantis saga which will end in NN 65.
In several of Martin Mystere episodes (for example, MM GIG 3: Men in Black and MM GIG 4: The Curse of the Sahara) there are references to the separation of the central ring of Atlantis which we see in this mini series.
The inspiration for this mini-series is obviously everlasting war, originated in Martin series.
After all, Martin (or his clone / robot) will join Nathan in the saga finale NN 64, 65.