Operazione Luna / Il potere e la spada / Sulle orme di Temujin

NN 274, 275, 276
March, 2014



The family has its own rules. Rules written in blood. Tseren Dayma knows this very well— years ago, he relinquished a main role in his criminal clan for the sake of his daughter Kezja. A choice deemed unacceptable by the clan. And now, after the Dayma’s emissaries found the refuge of the “renegade”, in Luna City, his betrayel can be wiped out with blood. But also Nathan Never is on Tseren’s tracks. Who will reach the man first? And what will happen to his daughter Kezja, who’s completely unaware of her father’s criminal past?

While Nathan finds himself forced to take care of the teenager Kezja,  fratricidal feuds shake the Dayma clan up from the inside. The new ruthless and blood-thirsty gang leader doesn’t seem to be the target of Agenzia Alfa only. A mysterious assault team, sent by the eccentric millionaire Milton Garland, attacks the clan HQ, looking for an object that appears to have an inestimable value…

The desert plateaus of ancient Mongolia are the scenery for the final battle between the remains of the Dayma Clan, the emissaries of the billionaire Garland and the Alfa agent. As a backdrop, they’ll have the mysterious meaning of the Temujin sword, the emblem of the archaic power of the Daymas. But this isn’t the only prize: Kezja, urged by an irrational and very human desire for revenge, and Kay, eager to show her abilities to her parents, decided to act without consulting anyone. And now, also their two young lives are at stake…

In NN 275,  Nathan mentiones Martin Mystere and also we see the cover of his book "Atlas of the Unknown".