Memorie del passato

NN 231
August, 2010



Leafing through an anachronistic photo album, Nathan relives some forgotten moments of his past. Little stories that helped determine his life and choices. Bitter, but also funny memories, that made Nathan Never the man he is today.

The book is very unique, consisting of a frame story and five short stories. The story is simple: Nathan, depressed for many reasons, browse the album of memories and recalls episodes of the past when he was better. In the fourth episode, by Vietti and newcomer Valentina Romeo, back in 2096, the time of the Atlantis saga. After the defeat of the Atlanteans, Nathan, Sigmund Baginov and Legs Weaver accompany robotic Martin Mystère to Washington Mews 3, home of the original Martin, which remained intact, unlike much of New York, in the basement of City East. A bell tribute, in which Martin receives a sort of key that will allow him to return home when he pleases. We hope that one day will use it (but I doubt it).