La città sepolta

AA 21a
January, 2010



Among the forgotten ruins of Babylon, May Frayn is faced with a mysterious race of mutants and uncover an ancient secret ...

May Frayn in the ruins of Babylon, where the Alfa agent, in addition to finding a distinctive Dipartimento51, runs into mutant descendants of a German colony from the series of Martin Mystère (in a story written by Vietti MM 248, 249).

MM 248 - Le sabbie dell’Asia Centrale

Release: 11/2002

Script: Stefano Vietti
Artwork: Rodolfo Torti

Plateau of Ust-Urt, in Central Asia, an arid expanse crossed only by a handful of caravan routes, whose tracks have been impressed in the sand by the footsteps of wayfarers through the centuries. It is here that we find Martin and Java, in search of a “ghost city” described in the pages of an ancient diary. Who are the “men with glass eyes”? And what role do they play in the sudden disappearance of Martin Mystère and Java right in the middle (yeh’, man, bang in the middle) of a sandstorm?