I signori della preistoria / Viaggio nel tempo

NN 115, 116
December, 2000



Professor Odaka has not abandoned his crazy project of bringing back prehistory on earth; this time with the help of Mister Alfa, he makes use of the mysterious pylons of Atlantis - weird machinery able to create a time warp. Nathan, Legs and Branko, helped by the beast-woman Ran, reach the zone where the pylons are active and they encounter Zemir, a descendant of the clan of the Venerable …

Nathan, Legs, Branko and Ran must try to stop professor Odaka’s insane plans by destroying the pylons of Atlantis, the ancient machinery with which the professor has led a territory of vast dimensions back through time. But they have to contend with the Venerables, who are complicating Odaka’s plans and Nathan’s mission. Our heroes find themselves involved in a fratricidal war between the Sheir faction, which is against an inconsiderate use of progress, and that of the Terax.

Atlantis (often seen in Martin Mystere adventures) is mentioned in this episode, in referral to NN 64-65.