Gli esploratori dello spazio

January, 2004



Having returned from the planet Tipu, the crew of the Asteroid ‘Argo’ heads off for the planet Kundingas. While Major Sheldon and Rick Brice are engaged in official questions, Lieutenant Obaru and April Frayn decide to allow themselves a brief holiday. A holiday that turns out to be far less entertaining and shorter than expected, when their guide is found killed and they themselves are considered to be the culprits…

Kundingas are alien race often seen in Martin Mystere adventures.

Professor Zaak walks AA crew through philosophical museum where they revealed a copy of Aborigin who was picked kundingas research spaceship in the outer part of the galaxy. This relates to MM 26-27 where according to the complex mythology of Aboriginal, group of creatures (Kundingas) visited Earth in the earliest ages. During the talks, a professor mentioned larger Kundingas cities Pintjantjatjaru and Yankuntjatjaru, which are the terms of Aboriginal mythology.