Fenice / La signora della morte

NN 76, 77
September, 1997



Mister Jinx has managed to pour Susan Connery’s mind into his live protein-powered computer; Susan is then placed in the care of one of the assistants, Krissy Longfellow. Five years later Nathan is sent for by the director of the center for genetic studies where Lockart, Bishop and Rey, now changed into horrid insect-men, are living. Sonia Lockart tells Nathan that Susan Connery isn’t dead, on the contrary she’s about to appear again. After a series of nightmares, Nathan bumps into Susan along the road but can’t manage to speak to her…

Jinx promises Raven, who has told him he is really the technodroid called Selena, a new body in exchange for his technological concepts contained in his mind. Meanwhile, Nathan Never has been captured by Susan Connery and Krissy Longfellow and, while the Alfa Agent was unconscious, a copy of his brain was made and stored in one of Jinx’s computers. But Susan intends to carry out her vendetta on Nathan and has got everything ready for the final showdown…

Mister Jinx is archenemy of Martin Mystere, and here we found out how managed to survive until Nathan era.