Piste infuocate / Punto zero

NN 123, 124
August, 2001



In the territory, a band of smugglers, the Nightrunners, are really messing things up for the multinational Kobavashi. Among the members of the band there’s also a one-time pilot, Sykes, who used to be a racing driver but had to retire from the racetrack after an accident that caused the death of his best friend. The Kobavashi Company turns to the Agenzia Alfa for help, and Nathan Never, who starts investigating undercover, manages to strike up an acquaintance with Sykes. But when a television network decides to make a dramatic feature program – a scoop to shock the world – about the Nightrunner’s last race…

This issue describes the continuation and then the final conclusion to the long adventure in which Nathan Never has been tackling a gang of smugglers in the hellish land of the Territory. While the Yazukas are setting out to chase him down, Sykes, the head of the Night-runners, is preparing to run his last race. And Nathan, who could represent the only hope of deliverance, will first have to come to grips with the Sect of the Recoverers, a group of fanatics who worship a singular idol: the Engine God…

In two scenes we see plates of Dylan Dog beetle (DYD 666) in Jeremy Sykes' apartment, saved as a souvenir.