Il caso di Marion Colman

OE 6
December, 1984



It is not Philip Marlowe, and neither Humphrey Bogart. But somewhere in between. Insufficiently cynical to Marlowe was not sufficiently known to be Bogart. His name is Marvin and once was a star of silent films. Since the final curtain came down on the stage passed into an occupation that never dies - an interest which are yet to acquire a name. Comes into play detective Marvin.

Atypical inside-joke where in the old silent movie shown in the first three panels of the story, Marvin, in the role of a gunslinger, frees his girlfriend from the clutches of an outlaw who has the face (and even the Long Rifle) of Ken Parker. Through dialogue between Ken and Marvin, the authors represent a sort of ironic passing of the baton between their most successful character (Ken, now, at the time, to the last numbers of his first series) and the "novice" Marvin.