La spada di re Artu / Il mistero di Stonehenge 

MM 15, 16
June, 1983



Arthur’s sword Excalibur was later re-forged in the shape of a lance and was thus identified in medieval legend as the Heilige Lance, the lance with which the centurion Longinus pierced Christ’s side: Adolf Hitler knew all about the weapon’s mysterious powers. Martin and Java, in competition with Sergei Orloff, set off to search for it.

The search for King Arthur’s sword (later transformed into the Heilige Lance) transports Martin and his companions from Paris to Zurich, from Modena to Castello d’Otranto until, after defeating Sergei Orloff, they arrive at Stonehenge – the magical megalithic stone circle from whence our heroes manage to reach Avalon, the unknown dimension where Wizard Merlin lives.

Martin talks about Avalon and other immaginary places, where he mentiones Zagor's Darkwood.