Gli dei del mare / Allan Quatermain / Java contro Java

MM 111, 112, 113
June, 1991



A disaster of a supernatural origin puts an end to the “oceanic” adventure of the Detective of the Impossible. The action therefore returns to New York, where Java unaccountably runs away from home, leaving Martin terribly upset. To find his friend, Mystère seeks the help of Inspector Travis, describing to him how he discovered the community of Neanderthals from which Java originates. It is perhaps precisely Java’s past conceals a clue to his mysterious disappearance .. 

In some obscure manner, Java’s flight from New York is linked to the publication, in the United States, of “Allan Quatermain”, an old Mexican comic series, which was created before the Neanderthal man left his tribe, and yet had as its protagonist a primitive man also called Java. Martin follows the tracks of his friend as far as Mexico City, where the author of the comic strip has been brutally killed; it is none other than Java who is the number one suspect…

The time has arrived for the showdown between Java and his mortal enemy: another Neanderthal man, coming from the same village and who escaped long ago into the civilized world. This is actually the person responsible for the extermination of Java’s family. 

Teamup: In this episode there are couple of references to other Bonelli heroes. First we see Java reading a cominc in which Zagor and Tex Willer are appearing. Later Martin tells about his adventure with Dylan Dog from 1978. Then in the last issue #113, page 29 we see a mexican who looks like Chico, driving a car!