Morte al varieta' / L'uomo che inventava le barzelette

MM 71, 72
February, 1988



Have you ever tried to trace the origin of a joke ? This is the hard task Martin has to deal with during the course of this new adventure, in the second half of the album …

Born as a girl’s challenge towards an undesired suitor, the search for the real origin of jokes is transformed into a tragic adventure, which ends with the loss of human lives. Even Martin Mystère is involved, and in the Nevada desert, he discovers a mind-boggling truth: the jokes which, for centuries, have been passed from mouth to mouth, overcoming linguistic and political borders, are part of a centuries-old plan to condition the will of Men !

Martin Mystere mentiones Tex Willer. However its not clear if Martin knows about Tex from comicbooks or he heard about legend of real Tex Willer.