Il prigioniero della laguna

MM 309
June, 2010



Venice, year 1755. The Venetian nobleman Giacomo Casanova is arrested and thrown inside the “piombi”, the terrible prison of the Serenissima. Who reported him to the authorities, though? And what crime is he accused of? Who’s taking an advantage from his imprisonment? Year 2010. Following the instructions of a disquieting teenager, Martin Mystère go to Venice; for him, it’s only the beginning of an unbelievable journey to a completely foreign world, where nothing is what it seems to be, and where, looking in the mirror, Martin sees a face that’s not his own. Here, threatening and grotesque creatures appear and vanish in the fog, just like they aim to send an obscure message…

This is part of a trilogy about sect of Empaths, strange underwater creatures that inhabit the underwater world of Venice. We've already seen similar hints in MM 143 Casanova. This is sequel to those events and crossover with the NN SP 4 Fantasmi a venezia. Empaths are one of a peaceful race of the past that people are driven out of the underwater world and whose character arising traditional Venetian masks, Baute. During the carnival are the only days when Empaths can walk the streets in their true form.

It all started here:

MM 143 - Casanova

Release:  February 1994

Script: Stefano Santarelli
Artwork: Luigi Coppola

Martin Mystère meets the most famous lover of all time: Giacomo Casanova. The Venetian seducer, adventurer and alchemist, who died in 1798, appears to have has survived over the centuries thanks to a series of reincarnations. However, now the lives of Casanova and Mystère are in danger due to an ancient sect that has risen from its ashes to complete and carry out its sinister plans for revenge…

Then was continued by Nathan Never in 
NN SP 4 - Fantasmi a venezia

Release: November 1994

Script: Antonio Serra
Artwork: Esposito Bros.

Nathan is enraptured by Venice, a magical city once condemned to sink into the water and saved from her destiny by man’s genius. Here Nathan meets an old school friend, Professor Martin Altman, head of the archeological excavations. When Martin’s wife, Liz, goes missing the Alfa agent, joined by Janine, starts trying to trace her. Meanwhile, strange apparitions in the form of old Venetian masks, begin to haunt the alleyways…