L'uomo che scopri l'Europa / La fonte della giovinezza 

MM 7, 8
October, 1982



Martin Mystère is ready for a new adventure which springs from a secret document in the Vatican Archives. The document says that in 1140 an American Indian was shipwrecked near Cadiz while carrying a message for Pope Honofrius – the secret of the Fountain of Youth. Now, Martin and Professor Von Hansen want to find out whether there is any truth in this story. 

Martin Mystère and Von Hansen’s mission sets them heading for the Everglades in Florida in search of the mythical kingdom of Prester John and the legendary Fountain of Youth. First of all they have to contend with plots contrived by the very very old millionaire Henry De Leòn, and then they suffer some unexplained accidents. Finally, Martin and Java have to deal with a sinister gang dressed as Spanish conquistadors…

In this episode we found out that Mister No opened his airplane company thankfully to millionere Henry De Leon who hired him to fly him across South America in his search for fountain of youth.