La reincarnazione di Annabel Lee / Il potere dell'idolo 

MM 40, 41
July, 1985



Upon returning to America, the Detective of the Impossible has to tackle a new case which is, to say the least, somewhat singular: Annabel Lee, a white girl born (even she doesn’t know when) and brought up in New England, wakes up in hospital in the body of Abe White a large Black who is being threatened and hunted down by a gang of criminals...

A terrible curse lies at the root of Annabel Lee’s presumed reincarnation as the criminal Abe White. The man and his accomplices stole a Mayan gold idol and the South American Indians who worshiped it have put a curse on them. To clear up this baffling puzzle, Martin Mystère is ready to go to the remote temple where everything started. The adventure then continues (with a “cameo” of Mister No) in the Belize jungle….

Martin Mystere  returns to Guatemala City, where Mister No escorts him to Belize in his Drake Airlines Cessna.
This is also a prequel to future team-up between these two heroes, which will be finalized after 8 years in Mister No Special 8.