L’isola delle rose / La terra trema

MM 193, 194
April, 1998



The count-down that will bring 1999 to an end continues: the conclusion to the Detective of the Impossible’s Indian adventure unveils the true nature of the Jivaka stone, while Martin will have a terrible vision of the future that could lying in wait for us. However, Mystère also has to face more immediate dangers: in Washington, he has found out about a secret that has already cost the life of a man and now Martin has a mysterious criminal organisation hot on his heels. 

A terrible weapon that can set off devastating earthquakes from a distance has been created, based on the scientific discoveries of Nikola Tesla, and is currently in the hands of an insane secret sect whose objective is to set off a universal war. From a secret base in Alaska, the organisation gets ready to test this powerful death instrument, and only Martin Mystère can (possibly) stop them.

Martin Mystère recalls a story that Mister No told him. [UNCONFIRMED].