Il regno delle amazzoni / L`impero segreto

MM 219, 220
June, 2000



Amazon jungle, 1950s: a film troupe is mysteriously exterminated. Now, a collector of cinema memorabilia, A.J: Forrest, shows Martin what he believes to be the proof of the existence of the Amazons: the legendary horse-women that are supposed to have dwelt in the heart of the Amazonian forest. From that moment, Martin and Forrest are in the line of fire of a group of terrorists composed exclusively of women, who call themselves “Daughters of Freya”…

The daughters of Freya are the descendants of the mythical female warriors of the Amazon River and they are carrying out an insane plan to become absolute mistresses of a world populated exclusively by women. Martin, Java and Diana try to foil this plot with the help of an old friend from Manaus: Jerry Drake, otherwise known as Mister No!

Also on page 64 of first album we see Nathan Never figure in appartment of a collector.