Sulle tracce dell'invisibile

MM 186
September, 1997



The ancient mechanism of Antikythera, a metal box with a complex bronze mechanism inside, whose purpose has never been discovered, is linked, in some way, to the mysterious “Philadelphia experiment”. In 1943, the USA subjected the ship Eldridge to an extremely strong magnetic field, in an attempt to make it invisible. The results for the sailors on board was terrible and lethal. However, one of them survived and, on him, the experiment was successful…

Martin Mystère investigating a project mentions story told by his friend Mister No about "Philadelphia experiment". In one vignette we even see Mister No during his adventure in Bermuda Triangle (Mister No 44-45, more info below). However Martin, knowing Mister No is not convinced about reliablity of that story!

During discussion with Martin, old widow Alexia tells him she come to him because he is famous with investigating supernatural and haunted things, on which Martin tells her she mistaken him for his London friend (aka Dylan Dog).

Mister No 44-45: Gli implacabili / Minaccia invisibile


Release: 01/1979 - 02/1979

Script-Writer: Alfredo Castelli
Artwork: Franco Bignotti

Deborah, the reckless aviator friend of Mister No, has disappeared with her Piper in the mysterious Devil’s Abyss, a triangular geographic area, situated in the Caribbean Sea. Her disappearance could be connected to strange cases of spontaneous combustion which Mister No witnessed in 1945, in Atlantic City. Jerry investigates, helped by the New York detective Phil Mulligan, and manages to enter a futuristic oil rig, completely invisible to radar and human eyes!