Orrore tra i Sumeri / La morte strisciante

MM 126, 127
September, 1992



A mysterious crime, performed according to an ancient Sumerian ritual, leads Martin to investigate his archaeologist colleague Harkness, who, during an excavation at Ur, was an assistant to Professor James Farney. Farney is convinced that the perverse soul of the Sumerian god Marduk is alive inside Harkness and therefore attempts to kill him, but without success. So he contacts the Detective of the Impossible to ask for help…

The cruel Sumerian god Marduk, King of the Gods and Lord of Babylonia, is reincarnated in the body of the archaeologist Harkness and is threatening the very existence of New York city. Martin Mystère and Java will have to go down into the bowels of the metropolis to find his secret hideout: if they are unable to stop him, an enormous tidal wave with sweep away the whole of the Big Apple!

When going into the metro, Martin remembers his underground adventure with Dylan Dog.