Nea Heliopolis / Welcome to Italy

MM 133, 134
April, 1993



This album ushers in the adventure that marks the beginning of the “Italian Mysteries”, in other words the temporary transfer of Martin Mystère and Java to Italy. The discovery of a tomb by the Egyptian architect Imhotep sparks off the search for a somewhat nebulous city known only as Thwt Rym, in which a magic object with incredible powers is supposed to be preserved: the Tear of Toth.

Martin Mystère is in Italy to record a series of television transmissions dedicated to the “Italian Mysteries” and , what is more, he will live in Florence, in Anguillara road. On arrival, the Detective of the Impossible immediately finds himself embroiled in a mystery linked to ancient Egypt, but Italy is the place where he will find the solution, or better, where he discovers the site of Nea Heliapolis, the secret city also known as Thwt Rym!

Martin Mystère remembers his adventures with Dylan Dog.