La vita segreta di Diana Lombard  / Bentornato a New York

MM 164, 165
November, 1995



The long season of the “Misteri Italiani” (“Italian Mysteries) concludes, and in this album Martin and Java return to New York. However, it is a return that is somewhat turbulent, with the arrival of a message from the Other Side sent by an old friend of Martin’s and the sudden appearance of one of the most frightening enemies the Detective of the Impossible has ever faced: Mabus! And as if this was not enough, Diana is presumed missing in the Canadian snow! The adventure based on Diana Lombard’s past and the return of the dreadful Mabus concludes with the destruction of Martin’s Ferrari Mondial, which leaves the scene definitively.

In first issue on page 74, Dylan Dog is mentioned. In the second issue professor talks about adventure with Mabus in London and we even see Dylan Dog in one flashback.