Il ritorno di Jack

MM 168
March, 1996



Martin and Java are up against the mystery of Jack the Ripper, the first serial killer of the modern era who, in 1888, killed at least five women and whose identity was never officially ascertained. The mysterious crimes begin again in our times, and the truth the Detective of the Impossible discovers turns out to be linked to the terrifying Myths of Cthulhu!

Events from DD SP 9 are mentioned, however without Dylan Dog.

DD SP 9 - I vivi e i morti

Release: October 1995

Script: Luigi Mignacco
Artwork: Luigi Siniscalchi

Jimmy Randall is not dead and this is providential for him. But why on earth does he find himself walking in the world of shades, in the infinite meadows of a hell? The living are not granted a chance to frequent the world of the beyond, and Jimmy must come home before the boundary between the living and the dead dissolves completely. Godfrey knows how to help him, but the return journey is long and full of perils. On Earth, there's an old friend who can given him a hand: a likeable, crazy Investigator...