Il regno delle fate / La Signora del Lago

MM 137, 138
August, 1993



Mystère is searching for the entrance to a parallel dimension inhabited by fairies and elves, with the aim of returning the Triskelion to them. This is a magic object, but its nature is unknown. After various ups and downs, it is a spokesman for the Little People who shows Martin which way to go: the Detective of the Impossible discovers that the next stage of his quest will be at Lake Maggiore, in Italy. However, to get there he first has to face a terrible demon… A supernatural presence is watching over Martin and Java: during their search for the door to the Kingdom of the Fairies they find they have to face a demoniacal entity as well as the Men in Black. Their investigation takes them from Ireland to Lake Maggiore where, under the Angera Rock, they find the long-sought-for passage that leads them into the presence of the reigning sovereigns Titiana and Oberon, and which also brings them back into contact with an old acquaintance…

In this number we have a crossreference with Dylan Dog episode 41 Golconda. While in Kingdom of Fairies, Martin Mystere meets Profesor Mortimer, this is same Profesor that is abducted by fairy in DD41.

Dylan Dog 41 - Golconda

Release: 02/1990

Script: Tiziano Sclavi

Artwork: Luigi Piccatto

Go to Hell! It’s a very special club that’s managed by the beautiful Amber Cat: cool music, nice company and something really demoniacal. Creatures from the other world freely roam among the terrified passers-by and an apocalyptical air is blowing on London. Who’s stirred up the infernal hordes and why? Dylan and Amber have to go to ends of the earth to search for the solution, to the bottom of the Earth, to the jungle of... Golconda!