Il presagio / Agarthi

MM 66, 67
September, 1987



A type of irresistible force compels the two mortal enemies, Martin Mystère and Sergej Orloff , to meet in the forgotten monastery of Taglakhar, “ The castle on the precipice”, situated in a remote area of the Himalayas . Here, the wise Kut Humi calls to mind that the two rivals had a past of calm friendship, experienced by Mystère and Orloff in the mystical peace and quiet of the “ Roof of the World”… 

An invisible realm has stood guard over the destiny of humanity since the beginning : it is Agarthi, the nerve-centre of planetary energy. But Agarthi is in danger: its survival is linked to the sacred Graal, which used to be preserved there but was stolen by an explorer in a mission on behalf of Hitler. Kut Humi entrusts his disciples Mystère and Orloff with the task of regaining possession of it. 

Here for first time Martin Mystère mentiones Dylan Dog.

Later in MN SP 8 we will find out that Martin had flying lessons given by Mister No while he was recording show about Amazon indios.