Il Paese dell'Incubo / La vendetta di Mister Jinx

MM 107, 108
February, 1991



The Mephistophelean Mr. Jinx, back on the scene after his apparent departure, is putting into action a new plan. By means of a special machine, he can make people travel through their dreams, turning them into absolute masters of a world beyond reality. But a client, Mr. Perkins, breaks the rules laid down by Jinx and manages to enter into the dreams of other human beings, among which, those of Martin Mystère…

Mr. Jinx wants to make use of his strange Oneiric travel agency to take his revenge on the Detective of the Impossible: the enemy who, more than once, has upset his plans. And this is not all: he also wants to get rich with no regard for the law or the life of his own clients. After falling into the hands of the diabolical scientist, Martin Mystère finds himself battling against the most terrible enemies: the worst nightmares his subconscious can conjure up …

Java is solving puzzle, and in one of the columns we see name "Dylan Dog".