Il cuore di Cristopher / Sonno mortale

MM 90, 91
September, 1989



In the dungeons of Gisors Castle, Martin Mystère discovers the greatest secret of the Templar Knights, and averts a terrible menace which that is threatening the planet. In the Detective of the Impossible’s next adventure, we encounter the young Monique, grand-daughter of Diana, whose life is totally disrupted by the strange bond that seems to have been created between herself and Christopher, a sinister electronic marionette …

The introduction of a genial and diabolic device, the silletca, into the body of Christopher, an electronic marionette, gives rise to a series of murders caused by the degeneration of the extra-sensory powers of a girl who’d sought shelter in Martin Mystère’s home. This is Monique, one of Diana Lombard’s young grand-daughters: during her dreams, she finds herself in telepathic connection with the silletca.

We see Dylan Dog poster in street alley.