I misteri di Londra / La terra che non c'e'

MM 85, 86
April, 1989



To look for a lost friend, Martin, Diana and Java go to London, where there looms a terrible threat in the form of the shadow of Captain Hook, the pirate who was the sworn enemy of Peter Pan in the famous novel by James Barrie. The Detective of the Impossible and his companions thus find themselves crossing the border between our world and the imaginary one of Neverneverland, the island that never was, a place where time seems to have stopped … Neverneverland is an corner of the world in the heart of London, but completely isolated from reality. A long-lasting balance has been broken, a way has been opened, and Martin Mystère, Diana and Java now find themselves there caught up in the battle, with no holds barred, between Peter Pan and his everlasting enemy: Captain Hook, whom they have involuntary made stronger !

Martin Mystere arrives in London and he tries to contact Dylan Dog over the phone, but Dylan is not at home, as he is solving the case, DD 31 "Grand Guignol". He also explains to Diana why two of them must never met again!