Gli uomini corvo / L'isola degli dei

MM 158, 159
May, 1995



At the “Book Fair” in Turin, Martin Mystère receives the diary of Father Ruperto, a sixteenth century Christian priest, from a Japanese publisher. Ruperto claims to have been on the unknown island of Kasumishima and to have met the Tengus, disturbing creatures of Japanese mythology. Martin intends to go to the Land of the Rising Sun to look for this mysterious place and he is helped by a descendant of Ruperto, who possesses a precious map. But Yakuza and the Men in Black are lying in wait!

Martin and Java are in Japan on the trail of Father Ruperto together with his descendant: countess Alessia Zambonin. Their objective is to find the mysterious Island of the Crow Men, which the priest discovered in the sixteenth century. During this adventure they have to face Ninja warriors, Men in Black and exponents of the Yakuza, the powerful Japanese mafia.

On page 10 of the first comic we see "Almanac of Fear of Dylan Dog" in a comic exhibition in Turin.