Aria di Baker Street / I mondi impossibili di Sherlock Holmes

MM 129, 130
December, 1992



Martin, Diana and Java are in London to take part in an evening dedicated to Sherlock Holmes, during which the wealthy and eccentric Trevor Gould is to present an unpublished manuscript of an adventure of the celebrated investigator. But Gould is killed and the manuscript disappears. In the mean time, in a secret place in the suburbs of the city, someone is using children as guinea pigs for sinister experiments. One of the children, however, manages to escape and asks the Detective of the Impossible for help! The murder of the Sherlockian expert Trevor Gould was committed by the same people who are carrying out the secret experiments on some kidnapped children: the link between the two crimes is revealed thanks to Gould’s manuscript, which turns out to have been written by Sherlock Holmes himself!

Old lady mistakens Martin for nightmare investigator (nickame of Dylan Dog).

Later Martin & Diana are talking about adventures with Dylan Dog, mentioning him and Grouch. They don't meet with him because he is not in London.