La citta` dei maghi 

September, 2003



Martin Mystère comes back to Italy to deal with a question that has its epicenter in a fourteenth-century building: the Palazzo della Ragione, in Padua, whose rooms mask a secret that a sect of fanatics – known by some weird name or other - is prepared to die for. Effectively, the key allowing access to a dark and terrible power is concealed in the plans of the building, which was designed by Pietro d’Abano. And once again, the Detective of the Impossible has to join forces with Erickson, the Man in Black who is his occasional ally. Oh, wait, we were about to forget… The pair have company in this unusual adventure – the strikingly beautiful archeologist Alessia Zambonin is due to leap back into action…

While talking to Erikson, Martin mentiones his friend Dylan Dog. Erikson tells him the Man in Black already know about and looking at him for quite some time! Later in the comic, we can see poster of Nathan Never.