Mysteri Diabolikamente Lucchesi

LU 1
November, 2012



Crossover between Martin Mystere and Diabolik.

Exhibition itself is accompanied by a volume that constitutes the catalog containing the cited unpublished story, that story is the ideal continuation of the same untold story of Dago - also set in Lucca and realized on this initiative - and that interweaves among them the adventures of Martin Mystère and Diabolik. The plot of their adventures is steeped in History, Mystery, Noir and focuses on the discovery of a secret svelabile only through the help of a mysterious book whose pages are scattered and hidden for centuries in places of the historical center of the city of Lucca. Is the brainchild of Angelo Nencetti with a fantastic script / lyrics by Alfredo Castelli with the beautiful artwork by Giancarlo Alessandrini (Martin Mystère) and Lucio Filippucci (Diabolik), the story "Mysteri Diabolikamente Lucchesi" is full of countless historical references, legends and traditions of the Tuscan city that we leave to the reader the flavor to deepen in an unusual and fantastic "wander" to the many places and environments Lucca remained unchanged over time.