Amore nero

LS 8
May, 2013



Police Commissioner de Vitalis is investigating about the savage murder of Francesco, the young brother of his own wife, Ada. The case will get far more complicated, when a nightmarish scenario begins to break the rules of scientific investigation, and a black soul surfaces from the land of darkness with a feral growl...

The story is set in Milano 1912, taking up some of the characters from Gli occhi e il buio (commissioner Matteo De Vitalis, his wife Ada, chief commissioner Borghetti, delegate Petri, ophthalmologist Anselmi) and set five years after the events narrated in the novel. 

Romanzi a fumetti 2 - Gli occhi e il buio

Release: 10/2007

Script: Gigi Simeoni

Artwork: Gigi Simeoni

Paris, 1907. Portraitist Alessandro Simonetti, distraught by the tragic death of his fiancée, is plunged in a permanent delirious state, that he considers as an epiphany: the chance to go searching for his truest and purest art. Milan, 1908. A thread of cruel murders shocks the city. The investigation is entrusted to the delegate of the Civic Guards, Matteo de Vitalis, who forms a team ready to try everything to stop the dangerous Jack of Hearts.