La foresta dei misteri / Scontro finale

LL 38, 39
August, 1996



Lazarus arrived in Manaus, the final destination in his hunt for human organs traffickers, backed by none other than his former commander of Special Cobra Detachment Dick Frey. Immediately upon arrival he hires guide named Pato, who because of his gambling debts agrees to such a perilous journey in Amazon jungles by a boat, but they are followed by bad guys who want Pato. However, among the dark shadows of the rainforest there are hidden monstrous creatures of superhuman abilities, which represent a new threat to our hero, and the mystery of these creatures is not the only one. Whether there really is a treasure God jaguar Kugana and whether the legend of his sons sleeping true? Prepare yourself for the most exciting adventure of Larry, it's time to deal with the past, it's time for the showdown ...

In the mysterious forest on 8th page 4th vignette we see old Mister No. He is not mentioned by name but its not difficult to recognize it was him, not only by the fact that he is living in Manaus and to has Piper for tourism purposes but also his most charismatic characteristic, gray hair.