Uomini, bestie ed eroi

KP 15
Funny reference
September, 1978



Ken and Pat set out in search of some cowboy to lead a herd of cattle from Dodge City to the ranch of the little Irish in Sioux Falls ...

The research, by Ken, to engage men as herders become an excuse to parade in front of the reader a large number of characters from western comics, both Italian and foreign. In a reworking halfway between the respectful homage, by Berardi and Milazzo, against the authors who preceded them and teasing comic quite different from that represented by Ken Parker, you see that pass in the saloon "The rest of the hero". Kit Carson (page 11, panel 3), Rino Albertarelli ,Cisco Kid and Pancho (5.11) of Salina , Pecos Bill (12/2) of Guido Martina The Sergeant Kirk (1.13) of Hugo Pratt , Sunday and Mortimer (2.18) of Victor de la Fuente , Tex Willer and his pards (5.18) , Cocco Bill (recognizable to the bone and salami, which has in the pot) of Jacovitti and Rick O'Shay (1.19) of Linde , Rocky Rider aka Comanche (2.20) of Hermann , Randall ( 2.23) of Del Castello , the heroes boys Captain Miki , Tim Carter ( Un ragazzo nel Far West ), Kit Teller ( The Little Ranger ) and Hodgkin's Kit ( Sheriff Little ) (23.4), Zagor (24.1 ) and Larry Yuma (24.4). Following Ken will also meet Lucky Luke (35/3), Bill Adams , one of the protagonists of the Bonelli Storia del West created by Gino D'Antonio , and Matt Dillon (56/3) and Blueberry (84/5).