Un nuovo mondo

JS 25
April, 2001



Jonathan agrees to protect the designer of a new videogame, the target of industrial espionage. But what is really upsetting the life of our hero is the way his relationship with Myriam is unfolding: it is now at a turning-point where decisions have to be taken that will change both of their lives forever.

In this episode Jonathan Steele mets Karen Janacek aka the ex-legionary Cleo Haddad the Legion Star , from Zona X a Martin Mystere spin-off series. This story is very enjoyable in many respects, the signature is that of Memola and Giardo , the same authors of the miniseries, which take their characters and make them interact with the Agency Investigations Magic and thanks to a remarkable expedient, Jonathan met within a video game, created by the grandson of Karen / Cleo, all members of the ' spaceship Lutezia .